Progressive Jackpot: The Things You Need to Know Before Betting

Some online casinos offer progressive jackpots to encourage players to bet more. Often, you can see these jackpots on slots games. So, how does this work? Read to know about progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is simple to understand, which usually involves slots. Bet and win the prize.

If you lose, the bet money or a portion of it will go to the jackpot prize. Other players can participate, and the cycle continues until someone wins the prize. Then, the prize goes back to zero or the minimum amount. Some jackpot prizes are local, which means the participants are within the casino’s participating players. The most sought after jackpot game is the network type. This kind involves other players from other casinos.

The game developers are the ones managing such kind of jackpot prizes. The prize is bigger and more players are participating.

Are There Criteria to Join?

However, before you start betting, you should keep in mind two criteria.

First, look at the minimum bet to qualify. When you join, you have to maintain this minimum bet. Otherwise, you might lose the opportunity to win the prize.

Second, the casino might use a play meter. This play meter measures how regular you play casino. So, regular gamblers have more chances of winning.

How Big Are the Prizes in Progressive Jackpot?

The amount is what entices gamblers to try jackpot prizes. The number can go from thousands to millions.

Indeed, the accumulation of prizes continues until the winning symbol appears to the lucky winner. Usually, the jackpot prize is cash or may include casino bonuses such as free spins.

The manner of getting the jackpot depends on the specific rules set by the casino. It could be a random spin or getting specific winning symbol combinations. Some casinos use bonus games to award the jackpot prize.

How to Find Them?

Finding the jackpot prize is easy. Most casinos have a category with the title “jackpot slots.” Participating games may vary occasionally. So, it will help if you get regular updates.

Another way to spot a progressive jackpot is through the cash meter. If the jackpot prize increases after you lose a bet, you likely found a progressive jackpot game.

progressive jackpot

How to Win in a Progressive Jackpot?

Your chance of winning is unpredictable. With so many slots out there and their varying RTP rate, giving a specific answer is impossible. It’s hard to cover all slots games and tell you your chances of winning.

The best way to gauge your odds is to look at the RTP. Moreover, you also have to consider the volatility. Since it’s a progressive jackpot game, the frequency of winning is not often.


Joining a jackpot game is a slow process. It involves small bets and a low chance of winning frequently. The jackpot prize may take days, weeks, or months before someone gets it.

So, if you’re willing to become persistent and wait until you win, you should bet the minimum amount. Never increase the bet because your odds of winning are the same no matter how small or how big your wager is.

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