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Silver Oak Casino is a good example of a casino that’s associated with the Virtual Casino Group. Despite its slow payment processing, defensegames.biz shows that the site has resolved 159 out of 171 complaints. This is an excellent number, but the complaints are still higher than average. This is not an indication of a rogue casino, but it’s worth keeping an eye on the list of recommended online casinos before committing to a deposit at Silver Oak.

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Silver Oak Casino is a casino that is associated with the Virtual Casino Group. The defensegames.biz website lists 159 complaints about this casino, with a resolution rate of over 90%. Its only flaw is that it is a rebranded version of the Virtual Casino Group. Nevertheless, its 159 complaints were resolved, making it a highly rated casino on the defensegames.biz list. Aside from slow payment, this casino also has a high satisfaction rate.